Standard Polyester Windsocks

Where to buy Windsocks:

The Roc Tan Corporation sells both custom and standard windsocks. Custom socks like Point Lighting cones are stocked. We offer polyester windsocks because they’re more durable and last longer than nylon. We deliver the highest quality products so you know where to buy windsocks if a promising product is what you’re looking for. Seeking to make your polyester windsock work as accurately as possible? We have detailed instructions on our website to help. Roc Tan also wants to help you every step of the way, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a product quote or if you any product questions.

Our Standard Windsock:

The material our windsocks are made of is 100% polyester. The mouth of each sock has evenly spaced 1/4″ inside diameter brass grommets. In addition, UV inhibited ties are supplied for ease of fastening sock to hoop. Stress areas of the sock (around the hoop and above the pre-load extension) are reinforced with a polyethylene fabric. We have our windsock development down to a science. Our standard polyester windsock is engineered for durability and demonstrates our commitment to wind direction accuracy.

The Standard Windsock Hoop and Base:

Roc Tan has 8, 10, 12, & 18″ diameter hoop and bases available. As essential parts for accurate wind direction readings, the steel base fits over a 1″ diameter pipe, which should be at least 12″ long on top of pole.

The 24 & 36″ steel swivel units are equipped with nylon bushings. These nylon bushings are long lasting and require no maintenance. The unit attaches to a ½” fNPT (Female National Pipe Tapered thread) connection at the top of your pole. Our swivel unit has a ½” mNPT (Male National Pipe Tapered thread) on its bottom.

The steel hoops have an extension which preloads or holds the sock partially open. This preload helps prevent the sock from wrapping around the pole and promotes more swivel sensitivity in lazy winds.

Hoops & bases are sold only with their accompanying sock orders. Replacement socks are also available upon request.

Red windsock on snowy background
Orange windsock overlooking the east coast

Windsock Colours:

Vibrant colors are essential for visibility; therefore we have chosen fabric that retains its vibrancy for the longevity of the product’s life. Windsocks are available in the following colors:

A swatch of the colors Roc Tan offers: Blue, Corn Yellow, Red, Caution Yellow, Green, Orange, Flame Orange and White.