Windsock Measurements

Our windsock measurements:

Windsocks come in all different sizes. Trust Roc Tan to help you find the size you need. While the traditional windsock specification stays the same when it comes to standard, aviation, imprinted, and advert windsocks, windsock measurements do change to provide different sizes of windsocks.

We stock competitor sized windsocks like Point Lighting.

Sock and Hoop

The front of the sock fits over the hoop and is referred to as the diameter of the sock or hoop diameter. The diameter is the distance from side to side of a straight line passing through the center of the hoop circle. The length of the windsock is the distance from the front to the end or back of the sock. The throat diameter is the diameter of the sock at the end.

Most windsocks are ordered by diameter and length. Very seldom is the throat dimeter referred too. Sock sizes listed are Imperial measurements. However, Roc Tan does manufacture and stock metric sized windsocks. When ordering or enquiring, please state type (standard, airport style, advert, custom), size (diameter and length in Imperial or Metric), and colour. If you’re not sure of the windsock size etc., contact us at Roc Tan.

The “Flat”

The flattened diameter of the front of the sock is conveniently called the “Flat”. The “Flat” measures differently than the sock diameter and the length of the sock. It is easier to measure the “Flat” of the sock front than to measure the diameter of the sock. To measure the “Flat”, lay the windsock flat and measure the width of the sock at the front or hoop end. The throat is smaller and produces a funnel for the wind to go through. If you’re not sure of the windsock size, contact us at Roc Tan.

Roc Tan product info
Sock Dia. Circumfrence Flat Throat Dia.
5 15.71 7.85
8 25.13 12.57 3
10 31.42 15.71 5
12 37.7 18.85 5
16 50.27 25.13 7
18 56.55 28.27 7
20 62.83 31.42 8
24 75.4 37.7 10
30 94.25 47.12 10
36 113.1 56.55 12

Throat diameters will vary depending on length of sock.