Canadian Windsock Regulations and Symbols

CSA Standards

The Canadian Standards Association Technical Committee on Signs and Symbols for the Occupational Environment has drafted CSA Standard Z321 to order to warn, inform, and communicate messages in this environment.

The system consists of three classifications, each divided into subtitles in combination with six colors and four shapes. Size relationship of the shapes was determined with consideration for visibility, legibility, and glyph content. Classification, colors and shapes are as follows:

Orange windsock on snowy background

Regulatory Symbols

Prohibition symbolProhibition: An order forbidding an action.

Mandatory symbol Mandatory: An order for obligatory action.

Warning Symbols

Caution symbol Caution: Potential hazard.

Danger symbol Danger: Definite hazard.

Information Symbols

Emergency first aid, health, fire fighting, and emergency equipment symbol Emergency first aid, health, fire fighting, and emergency equipment.

Railroad storage yards, divers (scuba) and miscellaneous symbol Railroad storage yards, divers (scuba) and Miscellaneous.

A1.2 Red

This standard gives greater meaning to red by restricting its use to two categories only: 1 .I Prohibition and 2.2 Danger.

A1.3 Yellow

Yellow is restricted to one category only: 2.1 Caution.

A1.4 Green

Green is restricted to one application only: 3.1 Emergency.

A1.5 Blue

Blue is restricted to a single use: 3.2 General Information.

Al.6 Black

Black is used in three applications: 1 .I Prohibition, 1 -2 Mandatory, and 2.1 Caution.

Canadian Transport Department

Solid color Orange Windsocks specify an unlicensed runway Solid color Orange Windsocks specify an unlicensed runway.

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Orange windsock overlooking the east coast

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