Windsocks for Airports

Airport windosck

Aviation Windsocks

Our aviation windsocks are of the highest quality and made of durable anti-fray and colour-fast material. The quality of our aviation windsocks is why Roc Tan is an excellent choice if you’re in the market for an airport or helicopter pad windsock. These windsocks are noticeable from long distances.

Regulation Airport Winsocks

Roc Tan Corporation’s windsocks for airports meet Transport Canada’s recommended practices (TP312E). Licensed runways require two colored windsocks. Dark and light colors should be arranged in five alternate bands, the first and last bands being the darker color.

An excellent example of an airport windsock that meets Transport Canada’s requirements is our 36” diameter x 144” long airport sock: The airport sock meets regulation specifications. This aviation windsock features a 36” diameter mouth has 22 evenly spaced ¼” grommets. To make sure your set up process goes smoothly, UV inhibited ties are supplied for ease of fastening sock to hoop. To reduce wear and help your windsock last as long as possible, stress areas of the sock (around the hoop and above the pre-load extension) are reinforced with a polyethylene fabric.

Please note: Roc Tan also manufactures International Regulation Aviation windsocks – 1 meter diameter.

Airport Style Windsocks

Airport style windsocks are also available. The orange fabric used for our airport windsocks is very vibrant and is easily noticeable even from long distances away. The white fabric used is a very bright white and the polyester fabric makes it less prone to retaining dirt. The various sizes available are on the quote page under “Airport Socks & Hardware”. Helicopter windsocks are often required to be solid orange in color, as opposed to white and orange striped, and we have plenty available. Use our windsocks to enhance the safety of your helicopter pad and unlicensed runway.

Swivel Units

The 24 & 36″ steel swivel units are equipped with nylon bushings. These nylon bushings are long lasting and require no maintenance. The unit attaches to a ½” fNPT (female national pipe thread) connection at the top of your pole. Our swivel unit has a ½” mNPT (male national pipe thread) on its bottom. The hoops have a 24 and 36″ extensions respectively, which preloads or holds the sock partially open. This extension provides more swivel sensitivity in lazy winds. To make things easier, the hoop is easily assembled and we encourage you to contact us with any questions.

Swivel units are sold only with their accompanying sock orders. Replacement socks are available upon request.

Requirement for Striped Windsocks at Certified Aerodromes

We offer the following guidelines on size & color of windsocks at air strips:

Transport Canada requires a specified wind direction indicator in the form of a truncated cone made of fabric and that is not less than 12 ft. long and, at the larger end, not less than 3 ft. in diameter, so constructed as to give a clear indication of the direction of surface wind. This size of sock should be at certified aerodromes.

The suggested height or distance from the ground for windsocks is 25 ft. Striped windsocks (white & international orange, or red & white) are used at certified aerodromes while solid orange is used at non-certified aerodromes. Now, with that said, solid orange or white windsocks could be used as markers at certified aerodromes.

The listed requirements for certified and registered aerodromes and helicopter pads are shared for information purposes only.

Red and white aviation windsock blows in the wind.

Aerodrome Status

Certified (Cert)

A certified aerodrome is an aerodrome for which an airport or heliport certificate is issued. It requires the operator to maintain and operate the site in accordance with applicable Transport Canada standards. Regular inspections are conducted by Transport Canada to confirm compliance. Certified heliports that have met additional conditions included in their certificate may be published as ‘NVG Compliant’ and may be utilized by helicopters operating approved NVG systems.

Registered (Reg)

A registered aerodrome is an aerodrome not certified as an airport. Registered aerodromes are not subject to an ongoing inspection program. Some operators at registered aerodromes fly 18 or 24″ diameter airport style (two colored) windsocks and other operators fly single colored (orange) 18 or 24″ diameter windsocks.

Roc Tan does sell solid orange windsocks for airports & runways.