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By placing windsocks in noticeable locations, workers become more safety aware when approaching your work site.

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Roc Tan Windsocks
Roc Tan Windsocks

Made from colorfast, lightweight material Roc Tan Windsocks are guaranteed for the best wind sensitivity.

Regulatory Standards
We meet all Regulatory Standards

Roc Tan Corporation’s airport windsocks meet Transport Canada’s Recommended Practices (TP312E)

Roc Tan Windsocks
Roc Tan Windsocks

Our Socks withstand the bleak weather
at the most easterly point in Canada

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Roc Tan Windsocks

What are windsocks made of?

Roc Tan Windsocks are made from colorfast, lightweight material – guaranteed for the best wind sensitivity. Their high-quality, rugged, anti-fray fabric withstands weather and sun. The windsocks are grommeted and UV inhibited ties are supplied so that the safety wind socks can be mounted to steel hoops which rotate in nylon bushings.

Our CO2 Laser Cutter

All our socks are cut out with our CO2 laser cutter which provides extreme accuracy, clean cuts, and sealed fabric edges. The sealed fabric edges prevent the material from fraying. This method of manufacturing ensures consistency that achieves optimum results throughout our production line and on each custom order.

Orange windsock overlooking the east coast

Our Custom Windsocks

Our socks fit competitor’s hardware. We also stock competitor’s windsocks like Point Lighting windsocks. If you have a product idea in mind that you do not see on our website, please contact us regarding our custom products. Customize your windsock with logo or name.

Red and white aviation windsock blows in the wind.

Our Windsock Options

In addition to the traditional windsocks that we currently offer, there are also promotional, imprinted, and aviation windsocks available. We can customize your windsock making it any of our eight color options. If you want to personalize your windsock even more, you can request a product quote for a striped windsock such as the orange and white aviation windsocks that we have available. Whether you’re sending a safety warning using regulatory and information symbols or words to advertise, Roc Tan is able to help by producing the product you need.

Roc Tan advert sock logo on the right

Our Worldwide Clients

Roc Tan serves clients worldwide. We ship promptly. Please contact us for further details or questions concerning our custom windsocks.

Contact Us

Please contact us for further details or questions.
Orange windsock on snowy background

Windsock Uses

  • Aviation Windsocks
  • Safety Sites
  • Industrial Sites
  • Oilfield and Oil & Gas Production Sites
  • Helipad Windsocks
  • Hockey and Curling rinks using ammonia as refrigerant
  • Advertising
  • Search and Rescue Sites
  • Fertilizer Plants & Storage
  • Industrial Storage Sites
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Sports
  • Forestry
  • First Aid Stations
  • Marine Harbours
  • Freight Sites
  • Intermodal and Multimodal Freight Sites
  • Railroad Storage Sites or Main Yards
  • Many others…
Red windsock on snowy landscape

Get noticed from above (or from anywhere)

Customize your Windsock

About Roc Tan Corporation

Roc Tan Corporation was founded in 1987 and since then has been manufacturing windsocks that are distributed on a global basis. At Roc Tan Corporation we take pride in the windsocks we manufacture. In order to ensure high quality windsocks, Roc Tan Corporation performs research and testing on our products.

As a result of our testing and research, our windsocks have the following qualities:

  • Better colorfastness.
  • Lightweight for wind sensitivity.
  • An easy installation process.
  • Large-diameter throats to prevent snow buildup and blockage.
  • Stronger materials.

Our Mission Statement
Our mission at the Roc Tan Corporation is to provide our valued customers with high quality windsocks and a high level of service.

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